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Vint is on a hiatus while traveling until March.

Portland Oregon's Outstanding Talent

I continue to be both astonished and humbled at the extraordinary level of talent in Portland, Oregon. I have worked with some of the very best actors and directors in the Los Angeles television and film industry for decades, and I am thorougly convinced that there are a good number of actors in Portland that can go toe-to-toe with any "A" player in Los Angeles. Here is a small sample of Portland's outstanding talent. Keep in mind that almost all of these examples are one take, no rehearsals, no edits -- shot in an acting workshop with a camcorder. (caution: R rated for language)
-Jesse Vint


Jesse Vint




Jesse Vint is one of less than a thousand actors in the world that can vote on and attend both the Academy Awards and the Emmys. He is a lifetime member of both the Motion Picture Academy and the Television Academy. He has authored a book titled, "The Film Actor's Handbook", now avaiable on Amazon.

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Jesse Vint is traveling, so no classes currently. Classes will resume in March.

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